Our student booklet : Tomo no Hon

The Tomo no Hon is the student magazine of Tomo no Kai. Normally, you can expect 6 editions throughout the year. We fill the Hon with ideas, fun facts, information of your Japanese studies, useful tips, and at the end some sort of puzzle as well.
In past years we always opted to print the hon out and distribute them in some physical locations. However, due to COVID-19 and the strict measures we have to follow, we decided to also bring the Hon online. In this way, everybody has access to it.
Below you’ll find a list of de hons (since we started putting them online) that have appeared up until now. Just click the link and enjoy!


Hon 1

Hon 2

Hon 3

Hon 4

Hon 5

Hon 6


Hon 1

Hon 2 Halloween!

Hon 3 Christmas

Hon 4 Inner Peace

Hon 5 Life in Colour

Hon 6: Summer edition


Hon 1: Yōkoso!


Do you feel the urge to write something for the ‘Tomo no Hon’ yourself? Do you have urgent questions for the praesidium or interesting confessions about Tomo no Kai, Japanology, the student life at the Blandijn or University Ghent? Maybe you want to give us suggestions about things? Send all your ideas, thoughts, suggestions or works to ‘info@tomonokai.be’.