So, we at Tomo no Kai know UGent sometimes sucks at explaining how things work. On this page, we’ll try to teach you how to find your way in the plethora of information Ugent shoots at you. We try to cover the most important things on Oasis, Ufora and Webmail.

Note on Ugent Credentials: This is not the Ugent-mail address you have been given, but rather your Ugent Username. In my case, (My name is Thomas Opdebeeck), my credentials are ‘topdebee’ and ‘my password’ (I chose to use a personalized password instead of what they give you). The first time you log in to Oasis or Ufora you have to use the password Ugent gave you.

A) How to work with oasis

On oasis you will find your calendar with all courses you follow, you will find options to download certain formal documents you might need as a student, you will find your curriculum and your exam results, it is the place to edit your personal information and information/applications linked to your Ugent life, to your life as a student. For day-to-day info on your courses, you should check out UFORA.

First of all Log in to Oasis with your UGent Credentials.


The first thing you’ll see is your homepage. To the left there is a bar with some important subdivisions.

-1. To find info on you courses, click My Calendar. You can find info on your courses, when you have them, where they take place and which group you are part of. Info about rotating groups due to corona must be checked on Ufora instead!

-2. If you want to apply for a special status (if you have Anxieties that could affect your study or exams you are eligible to apply for one), click on Special Status. You can view your current applications, or make a new one.

-3. If you need official documents/certificates, click on Certificates>Fill in the current academic year (2020-2021)>Choose the certification you need.

=>If you want to register for a Campus Kaart, you’ll need a certificate for the NMBS. You can just download it and print it out.

-4. If you want to change your personal information or your contact information or any other information, just click the according links under My Oasis. The photo under your personal information will be used for your student card.





Now, one of the most important parts of Oasis is this. Under Links you will find the Academic year (AY 2020-2021)

-5. If you want to edit your curriculum, look up exam results, …, click Edit Curriculum (LW: which stands for Letteren & Wijsbegeerte, your faculty).















First of all, check the tiny box next to your active curriculum. If you want to view your exam scores (only if they are uploaded by Ugent), click Print Transcript of Records (Puntenlijst afdrukken).

If you want to view your current curriculum, click Print Curriculum.

If you want to edit your curriculum (to add courses). With a new curriculum (BA1) you shouldn’t have to edit this, since you will all be following the ‘Modeltraject’, but following years (e.g. BA2) must re-register themselves (herinschrijven), and they have to take up the courses they want for their following year by adding them to their curriculum manually.

Also, if you want to take up extra courses, you should do it via the edit your curriculum link.

– Every Year you must let Ugent approve your Curriculum as well (after you have chosen the curriculum you will follow that academic year). You do this by submitting your chosen curriculum (voorleggen, under Status) to Ugent. After submitting your curriculum, it takes about 1 week before it is accepted.

After your curriculum is accepted, you have to accept it as well. Just click Accept Curriculum.

-6.  you can apply for a Ugent student home via Housing Application.

-7. You can apply for a tuition fee via Tuition Fee.

For a tuition fee or for housing, you must make an application every academic year! So make sure you apply for the correct academic year (which is 2020-2021 this year). If you apply for a student dorm this academic year, you can only apply for student homes for the next academic year.


B) How to work with Ufora

Next up is Ufora, this is you digital classroom, … Teachers use this platform to upload assignments, to give day-to-day information on their courses, to make announcements, … For students, Ufora is a the platform to ask teachers questions about the lessons or assignments, to upload your finished assignments, to find recordings of courses, …So you should check Ufora very often.

Like with OASIS, we’ll cover the most important parts of Ufora.

First of all Log in to Ufora with your Ugent credentials


First of all, you will see your homepages with the latest announcements.







-1. If you want to add money to your student cart so you can pay with your student card at De Brug or Kantienberg or so, click Ugent>click E-Purse.

A new screen will open. Again just log in with your Ugent Credentials.




If you want to add money to your balance, just click top-up balance and follow all steps.







-2. Next up, if you want information (to view announcements or hand in an assignment for a specific course, …) of a certain course, click the weird 9 square button at the top of your homepage>then choose the Course you want to work with.

You will see the ‘homepage’ of that specific course, with all announcements made for that specific course.










You will see this bar.



If you want powerpoints, recorded lessons, uploaded course material, study material or assigned reading texts, click on Content (Inhoud)/

If you want to see all announcements in detail, click Announcements (Aankondigingen).

If you want to apply for a specific group (Due to corona you might need to chose groups for certain courses!!!!!), click on Groups. You will find info regarding which group you are in for a certain course, unless otherwise stated.



Under Ufora Tools, you’ll see this bar.

-If you want to check assignments, or hand in an assignment, Click Assignments (Opdrachten).

-If you want to ask questions or find answers to a question, Click Discussions.

-If you want to see Mock-tests or the likes, Click Tests.

-If you want to see scores of certain assignments or group assignments, Click Scores.

-If you want to see the Rubric ( the form the teacher or other students will use to evaluate you on a test or assignment), Click Rubrics

-If you want to stalk other students that took up this same course as you, click Users (Gebruikers).











Under Other Tools, you’ll find this bar.

-If you want to search for a stream of a course, check one of the streaming video options. Be careful, the way teachers livestream their lessons may vary!!

-You might need The Bongo Virtual Classroom for an exam. You’ll have to sign in to a link posted in the classroom at the correct time.

-You might need Zoom, as it is a platform teachers may use to stream their lessons

Don’t forget that your teachers may also use MS Teams!!!




3. Now it is very useful to link announcements to your webmail!!

This is not a default setting.

-You must link the two manually. You can do this by:

Click on your photo at the top of the page>Click on Notifications (Meldingen)>Change Email Settings>Use System Email.

-Change what kind of mail you will receive by: Ticking (off) the boxes under Immediat Notifications.