INSCHRIJVING TNOK (Registrations) 2020-2021

Hi there,  soon-to-be-students of Japanology,

Soon you’ll be starting your university life at Ugent. Now many things will be new, a new class, new faces, new courses, … this may look frightening at first, you will have many questions how to do things or where you need to go, but don’t worry. Tomo no Kai will help you out with these things so you can enjoy your university life to the fullest.

Also, go check out our Official Ugent Japanology Page @ .Other information can be found on this (our) website.

In order for us to be able to help you guys, you’ll have to become a member of Tomo no Kai. For that we need some personal information. No worries, we won’t use this information freely. We use you personal information for communication purposes or as described on the homepage of this website. To become a member of Tomo no Kai, just start by filling in the contact form on this page and submit. To fully complete your membership you will have to pay us a one-time 10 euros by transaction.  This money will also cover the cost to make an Isic Card. Your membership will only be fully approved after you have paid the 10 euros.


!!!!!!So, regarding this registration form and Isic. Since we have to use a work-around to register you guys for Isic and for Tomo no Kai, you  have to do this!!!!!:

  1. As said before, register yourself as a Tomo no Kai Member via this form. Once you have filled in this registration form below and sent it to us, a notification will appear in a green box below the ‘send’ button. In this notification is the link to the Isic website for Tomo no Kai, as well as the payment information for the 10 euros transaction. The registration form is only to register for Tomo no Kai membership. You still have to pay us 10 euros (to complete your membership) and register for Isic too. When paying the 10 euros please don’t forget to mention your name in the free comment section of your transaction (vrije mededeling).
  2. You should use the link to register on the Isic-website!
  3. You will have to pay us aforementioned 10 euros for your membership of Tomo no Kai to given bank account in order for us to fully activate your membership of Tomo no Kai.

You should also get a mail from us with the link to the Isic-website, and with the payment information.

    (Tomo no Kai will only used this for communication purposes).