Dear future members. This subcategory ‘Information on Registration via the Website’ on our website will be used to post all events where you’ll have to register for. This means that, should there be an event with a limit on how many people can join, one should register here. To avoid confusion, this subcategory is not the place to register yourself as a member of Tomo no Kai, but rather to register for any events.

To become a member of Tomo no Kai, you should come to one of our events. There you can ask us to become a member. Preferably, you should come to the first couple of events we have planned, because we will without a doubt take registrations there. At the following events you can become a member of Tomo no Kai: Introduction day (16/9), Japanologenparty, Break the Ice. Due to the corona measures, some of these may be online events. For the time being you can also become a member through the online registration form on this website (voorinschrijvingen, pre-registrations).

Why would you want to become member of our student group? Well, first of all you wil receive the convenient isic-card. This is an international card which is acknowledged throughout the world and can be used at various instances. Many museums or activities will give a student discount upon showing this card. This card will also work with our official sponsors. Just show them the card to receive discounts/benefits. Do not confuse this card with the official Ugent-card. That card is used in Ghent facilities and will most of the time be the only eligible card to use here in Ghent. As a member you will also receive a convenient student-goodie bag, which contains several useful stuff (like a ruler or a redbull), as well as the guido student book, which has many discount coupons and useful information for a student in Ghent. Last but not least, you will officially be part of our student group. This also means you sort of support us. Hurray.